Monday, April 16, 2018

Episode 202, Diversity Rules

As often as possible, the title for this show has an intentional double meaning.  

Diversity Rules. On the one hand, we have the lofty concept of diversity, the policy of encouraging tolerance for people from different backgrounds.  Diversity is right.  Diversity is just.  Diversity makes us better.  Diversity is our strength.  

On the other hand, we have the pseudo-regulatory aspect of diversity, the ever-shifting rules you are compelled to follow if you want to avoid being hurled into the void.  

Actually, the ever-shifting rules for diversity seem to have converged on one meta-rule:  people with the wrong ethnic background or point of view must be ejected from modern organizations, or punished if circumstances mandate their presence.  "Wrong ethnic background or point of view" of course means white males, and anyone on the political right.  

In this show we explore famous and everyday circumstances of diversity, and the foreseeable but never acknowledged negative consequences.

Diversity rules!