Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Episode 195, The Church, Culture, and Same-Sex Marriage

What should be the role of "The Church" when it comes to culture?

(Note: "the Church" in my context means "Christianity/Christian churches", and "culture" is "American culture".)

Should the Church be a cultural vanguard, leading the charge?  Or should the church be shelter from the cultural storm?

That depends, I think, on what's happening with the culture.

If the culture is moving towards God and His Word, then the Church, if it's doing what it should be doing, will be right there as part of the vanguard. But if the culture is spiraling downward, out of control and away from God, then the Church should be an anchor point, a place of shelter from the cultural storm.

What should you do if you find yourself in a church that is considering the issue of same-sex marriage, led by a minister who favors it?  We talk about a real-life example in this episode.

What are the arguments for and against same-sex marriage?  What is God's law when it comes to homosexuality and same-sex marriage, and how do we know that?



  1. I think you had a very interesting idea for a test of dogmatic knowledge - If the minister would be able to recognize the writings of it's founder. I parted ways with the Seventh Day Baptist church 30 years ago due to hypocrisy. From the position that most churches are taking on what was a Mortal Sin not too long ago, I don't see that I have missed much. After all, if God had really changed his mind on these topics I'm sure he would not have a problem finding a publisher for the new volume.

    Great show and Thank you.
    - Alan

  2. Alan, maybe these folks think God is an NFL referee--having made a controversial call, He pops up from under His hood and announces, "Upon further review...."

    That might make a good title for His sequel to The Bible, come to think of it...


  3. The statistics on declining church membership is cited as synonymous with declining Christianity. I think this podcast demonstrates that as knowledge of The Word of God increases, church membership in these government/cultural-controlled denominations is declining. Home fellowships are the way to go, but they are under considerable attack also.

    1. Great point, Richard. I think some people think that if the building has a steeple and the leader wears a collar, anything that happens inside is cool with the Almighty. Just a scam. Happy are the brainwashed, for they have no clue what's coming.

  4. Pete,

    Please prayerfully consider finding a new church home. I know it is difficult to leave a denomination that you are familiar with, but if the church leadership is not following God's word, you need to divorce yourself from them. I went through a very similar situation with the Episcopal church many years ago. It was heartbreaking to leave the church I grew up in; however, I eventually found a bible-believing non-denominational church that is faithful to the word of God. There are many good churches outside of the mainstream denominations. They may not be liturgical, but they are Biblical. In the end, that's far more important. Don't lend your strength and support to a church that has been overrun by liberals and their false teachings.

    I truly enjoy your podcasts. May the Lord grant you wisdom and discernment as you decide what to do.



    1. Tim, many thanks for the advice. I will be leaving this church barring a major turnaround. There are alternatives, and in the end it's just a matter of voting with our feet.

      Great to have you as a listener. Cheers!