Thursday, June 22, 2017

Episode 193, Meanwhile Back at the Collapse...

Constant major distractions aside, the darndest thing about this Collapse is that it's not going away, whether we pay attention to it or not.

Even if you like Trump and support him and his policies, there's only so much that he or anyone else can do to stop the inevitable.

In this show, I talk about how the slow-motion low-grade collapse in progress now could ramp up to "Godzilla Grade" at any time for many reasons, including:
  • The economy is not recovering, it's getting worse for most people
  • The stock market is in an irrationally high bubble
  • The Federal Reserve remains in near-ZIRP "emergency" mode
  • States and municipalities are staggering under unmanageable pension obligations
  • Oncoming racial doom stalks our major cities (per Fred Reed)
  • Social and cultural deterioration in other sectors continues
  • The odds of a major war are increasing
  • Political polarization in America is becoming lethal
What is going to accelerate the collapse in progress?  And what should you do to get ready?  Sixty-four thousand dollar questions, answered in this show.  Give it a listen!


Monday, June 5, 2017

Episode 192, CashDoc: Eating the dinosaur eggs of Big Medicine

Big Medicine must be destroyed.  And CashDoc is just the thing to destroy it.

CashDoc is a little bit like Uber for the medical business. CashDoc connects people who need medical care with medical care providers ready to serve them.

With today's high "insurance" premiums, and super-high annual deductibles, millions of people are spending their own cash on their own medical care. And those costs have gone up up every year, year after year, for decades.

CashDoc blows up the expensive
"confuseopoly" of Big Medicine, and brings the advantages of open markets and transparent pricing to the little guy, the average individual or family consumer of medical care.  At the same time, doctors and other medical practitioners can focus on caring for patients while avoiding the costly bureaucratic thicket of Big Medicine.

Combine CashDoc with a cost sharing mechanism--medical "assurance"--from organizations such as Samaritan Ministries, and you have the advantages of an open market coupled with affordable protection against unforeseen medical expenses including emergencies.  

It's too bad that CashDoc doesn't exist today, but it's an idea whose time has come, so it's all but inevitable that someone will make it happen. When they do, we will have a viable alternative to the super-high costs and crazy incentives of Big Medicine (hey, it's December, and you've finally burnt through your sky-high deductible, how about we operate on that shoulder that's been bothering you?)

Give this show a listen, and let me know if you're ready for CashDoc.  I am!