Saturday, March 25, 2017

Episode 189, TrumpCare (what it SHOULD be)

While we'll likely never get it this side of the collapse of Western Civ, medical care should be an open market.

The problems with the current state of medical care in America are legion, beginning with government domination of the so-called marketplace of medical insurance, which for starters, isn't insurance at all, but a mechanism for fixing prices at nose-bleed levels, and transferring the responsibility for payment to someone else, including unborn taxpayers.

Regardless, ObamaCare is headed for the ash heap of history, and if it happens while Trump is still president, whatever replaces it will be called TrumpCare. What SHOULD replace ObamaCare?  What would be the result? And what about poor people, who can't afford anything, much less medical care. Great questions, all, answered in this episode.

And don't miss Robert Gore's brilliant new essay, The Useful and the Useless, from his Straight Line Logic blog, read aloud on the podcast.

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