Monday, February 20, 2017

Episode 188, The War on Trump

Nice to be back on the podcast airwaves after a voice-destroying bout with The Crud.

Meanwhile, the next round of skirmishes are well underway in the rapidly-warming Cold Civil War.

(Yeah, I know, in the last show I said we should ignore what's happening in Washington, but sometimes I just can't help myself.)

Just so it has a handy name, let's call the fight against the noisy opening of Trump's presidency as "The War on Trump".

How is this war shaping up?  Trump is pushing his agenda, with a misstep here and there, but mostly moving forward at battle speed, with all guns blazing.

Trump's opposition appeared routed at first, but it's gathering itself and is now executing a coherent, though not necessarily winning strategy. What is it? And how have the last couple of weeks resembled the Battle of Dunkirk in World War 2 (pictured)?

Good thing there's nothing at stake, right?

Somewhere in the middle of all the action, I take a detour into the two ideological sides of the fight between what most call the Left and the Right.  I call them the Voluntarists and the Compellions.  Maybe not as simple, but more descriptive, as explained in the show.

And oh yeah--Washington delenda est, y'all.