Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Episode 182, Hillary News, Liberty Ridge Update

Mixed episode this time, starting with the latest pratfalls from Camp Pain 2016, also known as Americas Distraction 2016, to wit:

  • Hillary for Hospice
  • Clinton attacks Alt-Right, thereby promoting it
  • FBI = Fully Bedded In (with Clinton and other Lefties)
  • Deplorable Me (Hillary is the Basket Case)
The balance of this episode switches to much more agreeable topics (for me)--an update on life on Liberty Ridge, as we recently crossed the three-year mark.  We've learned a lot of lessons about setting up a new homestead, and there's no better time than the approaching doom of the election (which is more of an extinction-level event if you ask me) to relate them in The Shrugging Out Podcast.  Gardens and Chickens and Weeds, oh my.

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