Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Episode 175, Resistance Is Vital

The danger we face as individualists is becoming absorbed by the lefty collectivist horde, or being killed by them for resisting, as were tens of millions in the 20th century.

This leaves many of us with a difficult question--two, actually:

  1. What can we do to resist the collectivist onslaught, before the shooting starts?
  2. Should we resist at all--or should we lay low, pretending to be absorbed?

I take as a matter of faith that the answer to #2 is yes, we should resist--resistance is vital. Though it is perfectly acceptable to deceive the collectivists tactically, the objective is to defeat them, and that will, at some point, require active resistance.

The answer to #1 requires some thought and creativity, with some ideas offered in this podcast.

P.S.  Here is a link to the Michael Hill article read on the podcast.
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  1. Could you post a link to the Michael Hill article you mentioned? I would like to read it in entirety. Thank you.

  2. Sure, see the link I added. Thanks.

  3. Wow Shugger you are either oblivious of this nasty fellow or a man who holds other God crafted humans with eternal souls in contempt. I did not even know who he was but just from some of the slanted phrases in the essay I could guess he was a white supremacist. Just google Michael Hill.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    >>>>>>The League of the South has been described as a white supremacist and white nationalist organization.[5][6][7][8] The Southern Poverty Law Center has designated the League of the South as a Neo-Confederate hate group.[9] The League boasted in a video made at its 2012 national convention about the fact that the SPLC described it as a hate group, because they believe that the SPLC has a "bias" against right wing and anti-gay organizations.<<<<"

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  5. Continued form above))) He comes up as a man on the side of hatred - not for a bloated government alone but of peoples as a group it is called contempt and hate for another human soul. Think about who you are propping up before you quote them sans research. I do agree there is as he and you argue a deep divide in a progressive liberal big government and a libertarian Thomas Jefferson curb the government ideal. But, it is one thing to say this group like "black lives matter" is a ridiculous negative political movement. And it is another entire thing to argue as this Michael Hill hateful man that a group of men should be held in contempt: the basic world view of a white supremacist group. Are you going to start reading some David Duke articles and then later claim you are unfamiliar with him too? I served in the military with plenty of Blacks and Jews and even special MRE eating Islam men who I would rather have at my back than a man with a dug in embraced and sullen hate for other races like this M. Hill guy. In fact I say 90 percent of the guys I was in the military with are for less government and more freedom. I rather have the faithful brown skinned Cpl Kreshan Islam loving Halla eating MRE - always mad because the Halla MREs were often better- stay in the country and work and live than that hateful guy. He did in fact get citizenship after his fine service in the Marines. He might have brought his family over too- ha ha. Now guess what I can guarantee his family would all be getting jobs and NOT on welfare. Although Kreshan was not a sharia law absolutists. (no I am not Islamic I think it is false) This essay also implies that country people are all dependent hard working icons of America while the cities are full of welfare on the dole slugs except for a few over educated corporate men and gov leech union workers. But who collects more welfare in numbers blacks or whites? Do you know how many whites are collecting welfare or government aid in rural Kentucky or Missouri? Do you know about small rural towns with all white meth addicts on the dole? Did you know they also like the vapid empty media and filthy hip hop culture music garbage? There will be plenty of unprepared broke dependent trailer dwelling white guys with absolutely no savings, skills, food, motivation, or morals in all white rural areas who will be pillaging and killing their cow owning farm neighbors in a SHTF situation. Of course a big city with a dense population will be a worse area and of course black street thug gangs will kill for food.

  6. (FINAL Continue POST FROM THE TWO ABOVE) But, this polarized utopia is flawed assuming the cheerful whites of the country are all church going kind hard working good guys.

    So the theory is the all white lands of the south- like around the Ozarks- would be a perfect teamwork of altruism in a SHTF apocalypse. That would be grand I would just move to the center of the Ozarks by the Buffalo River and sit back and smile and commensurate with my near all white neighbors. It would work too if they were all as thoughtful and seemingly Christian valued as yourself. But in reality I would probably get raided at night and slain by a toothless meth addict trailer renter whose welfare was cut off. I looked at land to buy in the Northern Ozarks recently. And I was clearly told that many of the people had no jobs and were NOT good neighbors to have in the present somewhat stable social climate. The best homogeneous are to be of source is in the heart of an already impoverished Indian reservation as an Indian. Or better yet as a naked black Australian bushman adept at finding grubs and killing kangaroos. But since I lack for both of these tones and skills I will remain a highly trained military warrior with plenty of ammo for the evil men who are killing and raping of all colors and creeds while I chew languidly on my nasty dried food and wonder if any evil white idiot racist aggressor militia men are getting schooled in CQB by Cpl Kreshan’s brown self and black rifle.