Monday, December 21, 2015

Episode 173, The Shutdown That Wasn't

It was a bolt from the blue.  Totally unexpected.  A singular, bold move by a brave and principled leader. Nobody saw it coming.

Everyone was expecting what has happened for years now:  The national debt ceiling approaches,  Republicans fear being murdered in the media, so they make a deal, and add another trillion dollars or so to the debt ceiling. But this time was different.

One man stood foursquare in the path of the unending leftist onslaught and said NO.

What an incredible train of events was unleashed. Obama cancels his Christmas vacation. The media revs up the Republican murder machine--and it backfires! Donald Trump plays a YUUUUGE role. The presidential race is stood on its head--again!  Paul Ryan's political fortunes take a giant leap upwards. And quietly, in the background, the government and the rest of the country find themselves adapting to life with limits, an actual real live debt ceiling.

Who said the Washington hairball of graft and special interests was unfixable?  Why that would be you, you incurable pessimist! How about some tobasco sauce for that crow, huh?

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  1. Yes that Ryan guy is a compromise man just like 99.9 percent of these elected high court liars. I like Trumps immigration ideas and also his tendency towards free market ideas. Although he does not seem to be a small government guy he sounds at times more like a 'let's go to work' government funded recovery depression progressive president. I also think a president should have more diplomacy characteristic tact. Talking tough one on one or at inter government meetings is good. But, talking smack that makes prickly tyrant nations and dictators lose face is not just rude but impractical. I am in Arkansas too! I am not sure where I am going to set up my retreat- I am tending towards that big ole blob of forest bewtween the 2 'Mountain' villas but The border areas with in the North with Missouri seem nice too. Where do you think is the best area. I wish I could get a big patch of land on a lake or river but the cost is high!

  2. Hey Ano, thanks for commenting. I like what Trump has done to torpedo the establishment candidates, but I doubt President Trump or anyone else can prevent a collapse of most everything we know. Trump could well be as autocratic a president as America has ever had--not a good thing.

    What I like about northern Arkansas and southern Missouri is that they are in a "dead space" in the federal interstate highway system. You can't get here by accident. There are places like this elsewhere in the US, but this was the climate we preferred (temperature and rainfall). My preference is for a property where you can't see the home from the road, and if possible, a road that dead ends, so there is no through traffic. Best of luck to you, and many thanks for listening.