Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Episode 171, Walking Dead Lefties

I don’t know what it is, but zombies are everywhere you turn these days. 

They're wandering everywhere through the culture—on TV, in the movies, on video games, Halloween costumes, everywhere. 

The best known contemporary show about zombies is probably The Walking Dead. I've watched a few episodes—the show makes my skin crawl but at the same time it’s oddly compelling. 

But all the zombies in all the fake worlds in all the media don’t hold a candle to the real zombies that stalk us for real, in our real world. And of course, I'm talking about the scourge of our existence as individualists, the real-life zombies otherwise known as collectivists, Marxists, LEFTIES!  

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Episode 170, Rainwater Capture & Irrigation--An Update

Our second summer with a garden here at Liberty Ridge has come and gone.

It's been an unexpectedly dry fall so far, no rain for about 5 weeks. That forced us to use our backup system for irrigating our first-ever fall garden--making this the perfect time to provide an update on rainwater irrigation and our experiences so far.

If you try rainwater irrigation yourself, you will find that most of what you've learned about irrigation using city water probably won't apply. You'll also find that you have to deal with the whole system--water capture, storage, and transport--in addition to the final stage of delivering the water to your plants. You'll become, in effect, your own mini-water company.

Also, in the regular segment "In The Real News", I read and comment on a landmark essay by Richard Fernandez of the Belmont Club, What Do We Do Now?

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Episode 169, Alternatives to Shrugging Out

Shrugging out is Atlas Shrugged for the little guy.  It's about withdrawing your support for the welfare state while building a life of liberty and self-reliance for yourself and your family.

Besides being difficult to accomplish and no sure thing, shrugging out is only one alternative to doing nothing about the situation we're in. In this show I talk about some of the other alternatives, and their pros and cons.

Whatever you do, the reality is that we're all riding on a runaway train, the government is robbing us blind, Democrats and Republicans are fighting over who gets the loot, and somewhere up ahead, the bridge is out.

Make your choice, grit your teeth, and press on.

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