Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Episode 158, Social Justice Warriors

Social Justice Warriors--heard of these guys? (Whoops, you're not supposed to call mixed-gender groups of people "guys" anymore.)

SJWs are collectivists, of course, a particular form of collectivist, very easy to identify. They’ve become so visible and so obnoxious that I thought it would merit an entire show talking about them, in the manner that an entomologist might talk about a particularly nasty breed of locust.  

In this show I cover who they are, what they do, why they do it, and why they need to die. Yes, they need to die--die out as a phenomenon, of course, not advocating any killing here.

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  1. One thing to keep in mind is SJWs try to appear many times their actual numbers as in the case of when the SJWs tried to get Rush off the radio where 85% of the activity was tied to just 10 people using methods to appear as multiple people. I remember hearing back during the early 90s about 'one-in-ten' propaganda every day and this seems to be the modern incarnation of that. It is very much a collectivist movement and in fact the watchword seems to be to bring down the 'white supremacist capitalist patriarchy'. My perspective into the Social Justice Whiners is mostly in the game world where one SJW in particular wants to end games based on 'male competition', and have them replaced with 'female cooperation' ie games that nobody would play. I think the top ones want to become the virtual version of Jessie Jackson / Al Sharpton that can extort money from businesses or make work jobs to enhance diversity. -- A listener in NW Arkansas

  2. NWArk listener--you make several great points. My thoughts...Would the appearing as multiple people be something we might call "Internet Astroturfing"? On the gamergate issue, would females themselves enjoy playing games based on "female cooperation"? (I imagine the SJW you describe would at least pretend to enjoy them.) BTW, assuming you are a cismale, you really need to check your privilege. Final note: Per Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit, "'Diversity' is a just a politically-correct label for discrimination against whites, especially white males." Amen. (Sorry for the religio-normative reference but it seemed to fit.) Many thanks for listening!