Sunday, August 31, 2014

Episode 147, Listener Don Shrugs Out

Long time listeners will remember Don, who is himself a long-time listener to the podcast. Way back in July 2010, Don and a business partner, Bob, were in the Dallas area on business. We met for dinner, and we ended up recording a great show (Episode 28, check the archives).

Not long ago, Don and his wife made good on their shrugging out plans when they moved to a 40+ acre homestead in the mountains of Virginia. It has acres and acres of mature hardwood, multiple free-flowing springs, vegetable gardens, a well-built and comfortable home, an amazing multi-story barn packed with tools and supplies, and a creek that flows year round which he has tapped for hydroelectric power.

I was traveling recently in Don’s part of the country and stopped by to see him at his homestead. We spent some time sitting on the porch, enjoying the fellowship, the weather, and the scenery, talking about our favorite subjects—liberty, self-reliance, and shrugging out. 

Longest show ever--about 90 minutes.  Hope you enjoy.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Episode 146, It's About Turning Texas Blue

The dissolving of what's left of the country's southern border looks like a plan to turn Texas from a red state to a blue state.

Even if the border were sealed, the bluing trend already in progress in Texas and the rest of the country would continue. But if you're a collectivist, why wait until 2050 if you can push a few buttons and chop 15, 20, or even 25 years off the process?

This is the root cause of the current border crisis, and it's the reason that descending poll numbers for Obama and deteriorating mid-term election prospects for Democrats won't force any changes. Collectivists are taking the long view on this. Flip Texas to red, and it's all over for individualism in America. Game. Set. Match.

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