Monday, July 28, 2014

Episode 145, Ol Remus Trifecta

A venerable blogger of the Survivalist/Collapsist persuasion says it all in three recent posts worthy of your time, with my synopsis here:

Flash Point
Where are the pitchforks? The answer is the people who normally wield pitchforks are dependents of the system which it would be illogical for them to attack. The dependency class has been taught to think of itself as an adorable nobility, and to react violently when they are treated with anything less than adoration. Treat them fairly and they explode with rage. If and when their benefits are denied, they will spark the flash point. It is the Free Stuff Army that will start the violence, not the FSA supply chain. Past conflicts suggest that the side that is quickest to become more ruthless will win. Who will it be?

Are We There Yet?
The collapse, which has already begun, will be worse than the Great Depression. Don’t be too afraid of the federal government, though, as it is broke and will lose control quickly. Be more concerned about not having the basics: food, water, electricity, security, etc. We’re already in bad shape and it is a bad time to be entering the collapse. When the worst of it arrives, the big money people will escape in a matter of hours, which is all it will take for conventional financial wealth to disappear. The safety nets will disappear too, as will the restraints that keep the dependency class from blowing everything to bits. Best be in the middle of nowhere when that happens.

Default of a Different Kind
Not default in the paying-back-a-loan sense, but in the utter, basic, lowest common denominator sense of the human condition. We are savages at heart, and we will behave as such when pressed into it by circumstances.

Ol Remus' Woodpile Report has been an opinionated and cogent observer of what's happening for some time now. Aside from the bright commentary and the beautiful prose, is he right?  
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