Saturday, June 14, 2014

Episode 144, Rainwater Irrigation

Water is so very important that you should have at least two sources of this vital commodity.

One backup source, rainwater, could even be the  primary source of water for your vegetable garden, as it is here at Liberty Ridge.

Pictured is our setup, with a corner of a raised bed in the foreground, and the irrigation system, comprising the red "pickle barrel" perched on the bed and several 1,500 gallon storage tanks in the background, connected by a 2-inch flexible water line. To water the bed, just open the spigot on the pickle barrel, and 50 gallons of water drain into the bed through a 50-foot soaker hose.

(Incidentally, the picture was taken in mid-May. The tomatoes in the foreground are now almost four feet high, caged, and starting to produce fruit. Can't wait for the first taste!)

In this episode, I discuss the ins and outs of catching, storing, and using rainwater to irrigate a vegetable garden:

  • How much water can you catch from a rainstorm?
  • How much storage capacity is enough?
  • How do you connect your storage container to your catchment source (your roof)?
  • How do you prevent algae and mosquitoes from growing in the water?
Large scale or small, rainwater irrigation is a great way to water your garden, and can provide a vital secondary or tertiary source of water for you in an emergency.

- - - - - - - -

Monday, June 2, 2014

Episode 143, Slaves to Democracy

Elections are coming.

(They're always coming.)

Exercise your franchise.

(Exercise in futility.)

Let's get out the vote.

(Why not, you get plenty out of it.)

Don't throw away your vote.

(Don't encourage the bastards.)

Vote for me and I'll give you X.

(You mean the X you'll steal from me?)

The people have spoken.

(The people are idiots. Greedy too.)

That's just the way democracy works.

(Right up until it stops working.)

- - - - - - - - - - -