Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Episode 139, Global Warming is an Excuse for Tyranny

Lots of talk lately about global warming, or as the collectivists prefer to call it--climate change.

President Obama and the EPA appear to be gearing up on another tyrannical land grab over businesses and individuals, all in the name of stopping global warming.

"The science is settled."  Translated that means, "Help, the debate is raging, and I am getting my ass kicked."

If you study the recent history of global temperatures, the last few million years, you will come to one conclusion: The next major change in global temperature, if and when it comes, will be an ICE AGE! We're living in a 10-20,000 inter-glacial period of unusually warm temperatures. The next Ice Age is likely just around the geological corner, due any time in the next few thousand years.

The fact is that climate on the earth is changing, as it always has, ever since it first had a climate. The solution to climate change is NOT trying to stop it, it's advancing our technologies and civilization so that we can survive whatever changes come. The exact wrong thing to do is to shut down progress to prevent a degree or two change in temperatures over the next century.

But that's not the motivation of these Global Warmongers.  They don't care about the planet. They care about themselves.

Remember: "Green is the new Red." These people who want to control everything and shut down modern civilization supposedly to save the planet (as if that motivates them) --they're just "watermelons". They're eco-green on the outside (and green with envy of the success of others), but commie red on the inside.


  1. The two primary drivers of average global temperatures accurately (R2>0.9) explain the reported up and down measurements since before 1900 and provide credible estimates back to the low temperatures of the Little Ice Age (1610).

    CO2 change is NOT one of the drivers.

    The drivers are given at


  2. So basically it is the slight variability of the Sun's output, coupled with the capacitor effect of the oceans that explain what is happening with global temps. Great work, Dan. If there were money and political power in your line of analysis, it would be a crowded space indeed.

    1. I will try to summarize. Magnetic field from sunspots shields earth from galactic cosmic rays so fewer low altitude clouds form. Fewer low altitude clouds means fewer clouds so lower albedo and warming planet. Also, fewer low altitude clouds means higher average cloud altitude and thus lower average cloud temperature, less radiation from clouds to space and warming planet. A low but wide solar cycle can be as effective as a high narrow one. The integral takes both magnitude and duration into account. Thus more sunspot number time-integral means warming and less means cooling. The huge effective thermal capacitance of the oceans greatly slows both heating and cooling.

      The GCR/low-altitude-cloud was discovered by Svensmark, corroborated by Marsden & Lingenfelter and again by the CLOUD experiment at CERN.

      I calculated the sensitivity of AGT to low altitude clouds at http://lowaltitudeclouds.blogspot.com/

      This is all discussed in much greater detail at the links and sub links.

  3. Dan, thanks for visiting again and adding your summary. I'm going to say that I understand it, and as superficially far fetched it may seem that there is a cosmic ray connection, it is plausible to me. I recall reading elsewhere about cosmic rays influencing low cloud formation, and I also recall in a college meteorology course the professor saying how science still could not explain adequately the causal mechanism for cloud formation, aside from the basics of temperature, pressure, and presence of water vapor.