Monday, December 30, 2013

Episode 136, Liberty Ridge in Winter

Winter came early this year to Liberty Ridge, in the form of a major early December storm.

Pre-storm hype had this event rivaling the infamous ice storm of 2008, which knocked out power to outlying areas in Oklahoma, Arkansas and points beyond for up to a month. Would that happen to us? And if it did, how would our preps hold up?

Also on tap was the first truly cold weather (single digits on the Fahrenheit scale) since the home and the well and plumbing were put into operation, so there was a significant concern that a lapse in design or construction had left these things subject to freezing.

On this show I talk about a host of pre-storm concerns we had, how we fared, and what lessons we learned.

If you find this show interesting, you might also give episode 73 a listen (Handling a Winter Power Outage).

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