Monday, November 18, 2013

Episode 134, Federal Employee All-Hands Conference Call

In a first for the Shrugging Out Podcast, we have obtained a recording of a recent "all hands" conference call for employees of the federal government.

The call was hosted by Joseph Slebog, the Senior Director of Internal Communications for the federal government.

On the call, Director Slebog reassures FedGov employees that all is well. Everything is going according to plan.

During the Q&A, Slebog answers a number of questions, including:
  • Will the faulty Obamacare rollout end up killing the whole program for federal control of healthcare?
  • How is the government planning to deal with the threat posed by millions of gun owners?
  • Why has the government made no progress on climate change?
  • How well-funded is the federal pension program compared to state pension programs?
  • Is the federal debt really a bad thing, and if so, what is being done about it?
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