Thursday, September 26, 2013

Episode 131, Personal Protection and Security

Let's talk about what's important when it comes to personal protection and security.

You're out and about, either alone or with family and friends, and you want to get home safe and sound.

When you get home, you want to find your home, your homestead, your possessions and property in place and intact, as you left them.

In this show I talk about assessing the threats posed by other people to you, your loved ones, and your stuff, and the logical approach to avoiding, managing, and overcoming those threats.

Because I'm no longer in the suburbs but live in the country now, I spend extra time talking about securing one's home and property in a rural environment from common threats. Both now, while the Rule of Law is still in force, and someday, if and when it happens, when your area is without ROL.

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  1. Pete, thanks for another great thought provoking episode. Here in the UK our "defence options" are somewhat less than you have available in the USA - despite the criminals having little respect for such rules more recently. Remember the basic rule of security cameras when you get around to installing any, that any camera should always be overlooked by another - even at worst if the "other" is just a fake. Blind spots and the ability to create one by disabling any one camera has been an issue in my experience. Keep up the good work and enjoy your new property.

  2. Great points, Ano. Thanks for passing them on. Sorry that you have fewer options under the law where you are but do what you can to stay safe.