Thursday, September 26, 2013

Episode 131, Personal Protection and Security

Let's talk about what's important when it comes to personal protection and security.

You're out and about, either alone or with family and friends, and you want to get home safe and sound.

When you get home, you want to find your home, your homestead, your possessions and property in place and intact, as you left them.

In this show I talk about assessing the threats posed by other people to you, your loved ones, and your stuff, and the logical approach to avoiding, managing, and overcoming those threats.

Because I'm no longer in the suburbs but live in the country now, I spend extra time talking about securing one's home and property in a rural environment from common threats. Both now, while the Rule of Law is still in force, and someday, if and when it happens, when your area is without ROL.

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Episode 130, Prepping Past, Present, and Future

I was recently visited here on Liberty Ridge by long-time listener and confidant of the Shrugging Out Podcast, Don, who first joined me in a show way back in July 2010 (episode 28).

That's Don's barn, in the picture, which has a fascinating story of its own. You can and should visit Don's website, where he blogs about fine woodworking and cabinetry and muses on a wide variety of topics.A brilliant and creative craftsman and observer of today's culture and politics--that's my good friend Don.

During Don's visit, we talked about the evolution of prepping for disaster, what the government is doing in the run-up to war and The Collapse, and related topics. I meant to record our conversation, but unexpected circumstances prevented that, so I recount our discussion as a monolog instead.

Also discussed in this show are the situation with Syria, the cowardice we have in America today about race (not what Eric Holder says it is), and an interesting, practical discussion of why wages are not rising along with inflation.

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