Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Episode 128, All Moved In to Liberty Ridge

Wow, that was easy. All it took was three trucks, four days, and five guys to move from the DFW area to our shrug-out place in Arkansas.

We've started the endless series of projects planned to convert the raw property and structures into a functioning homestead. The first major project is building an array of storage shelves in the garage (pictured right). Note to DHS--the scary pressure cooker visible in the picture will be used to can food.

Soon we will need to begin harvesting some hardwood on the property for heating the home. After all, winter is right around the corner!

I started The Shrugging Out podcast on March 10, 2010, over three years ago. We're not done shrugging out by any means, but we have reached an important milestone with our move to the country. Hard to believe after all the thinking and planning that it's actually happened.

In this show, I discuss topics familiar to frequent listeners: Why are there collectivists among us? Do free markets work? Is it ok to profit from the illness of others? Is it better to fight the growing tyranny, or escape it? Is "The Collapse" inevitable? How bad will it get? Topics I think about whilst working through chores and projects underway here on Liberty Ridge.


  1. Pete, Congratulations on completing your move to Liberty (Ridge).

    Take your time and enjoy the experience, I'm sure you will look back on this one day and be glad you have this Podsast as a permanent reminder of your path along the road to freedom.

    Good luck with all of the unpacking too, from someone who recently uncovered a box in the attic from our own house move - nearly 13 years ago now!

    Ian (from the UK)

  2. Oh you nailed it Ian, we are finding boxes we packed two apartments and ten years ago. Whatever can't be used as it is, or as barter, we will try to compost!