Monday, July 8, 2013

Episode 127, The Logistics of a Cross-Country Move

Our moving day to Liberty Ridge is rapidly approaching.

Actually, it's more like a moving week, as we are moving hundreds of miles away. One day for loading up our belongings. Two days for the trek to our new location. One day (if we're lucky) for unloading. A day to recover.

Ok, I'm not complaining, just reporting. In this episode I discuss the logistics of moving everything you own, at least everything you want to continue to own, over a long distance to your safer place in the country.

You have many options, and many decisions to make. You face multiple constraints. Your move may differ significantly from ours, but as preppers, we faced a few out-of-the-ordinary curve balls, and you may too.

This episode was recorded on Independence Day, 2013, from the all-new mobile Shrugger studio, the Ford F-350 long bed diesel, rattling its sonorous melody on the way to Liberty Ridge.

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