Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Episode 126, Buying a Used Pickup for When the SHTF

While getting ready to move to Liberty Ridge over the course of the next month, I recently converted some BCM (Bernanke's Casino Money) into the tangible value represented by a used pickup truck in very good condition (not the one pictured!).

In this show, I go through the pros and cons of having a pickup truck versus other vehicle types in SHTF situations. I also cover, in traditional Shrugging Out (i.e., analytical) fashion, the features and characteristics of pickup trucks, and how to navigate your way through all the options and variations available, based on what you really need, versus what someone else says you need.

Single-seat cab, extended cab or crew cab? Long bed or short bed? Two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive? Manual or automatic? Light duty or heavy duty? Gasoline or diesel? Single rear wheel or dually? Ford, Chevy or Dodge?

How do you learn about your local used market for pickups? What's commonly available, and what is relatively rare? How do you assess the overall condition of a truck? How do you determine the true condition of the most important and expensive components? How do you know what a given truck is worth on the market, today?

I go through the steps I went through in finding the perfect truck for the work we have to do at Liberty Ridge. They were right for me, but may not be right for you, so as always, your mileage may vary.

I toss out a few opinions along the way in this podcast. Your comments welcome, as always.

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Monday, June 10, 2013

Episode 125, Update on Liberty Ridge

Liberty Ridge is my personal "shrugging out" location and strategy. We're about a month away from moving there, lock, stock and barrel.

In this show I talk about what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how we're going to do it.

What do you need to do to establish a new homestead? What assets do you bring to the table in terms of your knowledge and skills? What shortcomings will you have to overcome? What tools will you need? What should you focus on doing first, and what can wait until later?

My choices and the reasoning behind them in this show. Could help you make your own decisions. Time is growing short. Keep prepping.

- - - - - -