Thursday, January 31, 2013

Episode 118, White Rose

What happens in a hard tyranny when a small group of people resist?

White Rose was a tiny resistance movement in Nazi Germany that began in June 1942. A small group of medical students at the University of Munich conspired to issue six anti-government leaflets over a brief period of nine months, urging readers to wake up and resist the regime.

Many other students and citizens silently cheered them on, but when they were caught in February 1943 and put to death (by guillotine!) days later, their movement was crushed as swiftly as it began. And as we know now, it had no lasting effect on the German populace, or on the Nazi regime, which continued until the country was overrun by the Russians from the East and the Americans and British from the West over two years later.

White Rose is a story about the rarity of dissent in Nazi Germany, and how ineffective it was against a well-established hard tyranny. The German people never escaped the regime until it was destroyed from the outside.

What's the lesson for us? It can only be this: Do not allow tyranny to gain a foothold in the first place. Rise up before it is too late.

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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Episode 117, They're Not Coming for the Guns--Yet

Will the fallout from the Sandy Hook massacre be enough to trigger gun confiscation?

For now, no. In spite of Sandy Hook, the average citizen still supports the 2nd Amendment. So do a majority of Congress-critters. The latter fear what would happen at the ballot box if they supported bans and confiscations. As long as the Constitutionally-mandated process for enacting federal legislative remains in place, it's unlikely there will be national gun confiscations stemming from Sandy Hook.

But what if Sandy Hook is repeated? What if another nut job shoots up another kindergarten classroom? Or worse--what if several well-coordinated gunmen assault a restaurant or some other public place, killing dozens, and escaping the scene. What if "the media" discover they belong to some "militia group", striking out in support of the 2nd Amendment? What if the media report that other militia groups all over the country have come out in solidarity?

Now what about gun confiscations? Whether the militia attack is real or faked, public sentiment could change overnight. We might have put guards in public schools, people would say, but we can't guard EVERY public place! With "dangerous militia groups" posing a threat to American citizens, wouldn't disarmament be a viable course of action?

And yet, it's likely an attempt at national gun confiscation would be met in some quarters with armed resistance. The bloodshed might stay localized, but what if it didn't? What if confiscation triggered a nationwide anti-Fed insurrection? Would the government risk its own existence by launching a gun confiscation program?

Maybe not. But here's one final "what if" for you to consider: What if the leaders in the federal government come to realize that a collapse of the economy and society are inevitable?

Put yourself in their shoes. You know a collapse is coming. You don't know when. You know a collapse with millions of armed citizens would mean nationwide chaos and bloodshed. And probably the end of your government. You want to prevent that.

Here is your choice: Let the collapse happen whenever it does, and take your chances against all those guns. Or try to grab as many of the guns as you can, at a time of your own choosing, provoking an insurrection that might be less lethal? Of course the confiscation itself might trigger the collapse, but that was going to happen anyway.

That sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie, doesn't it? It couldn't be a strategy, could it?

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Episode 116, 2013--Expect Chaos and Crisis

What should we expect in 2013?

Will 2013 be the year of the big collapse we're expecting? Maybe so, but that's impossible to predict, in terms of timing.

What I think we can be confident in predicting is an ongoing and worsening sense of chaos and crisis. Until the bubble finally pops.

President Obama loves chaos and crisis--they are the main tools of the community organizer, the community agitator.

Chaos and crisis will surround us, affecting the economy, foreign affairs, health care, public violence, gun control, and so on.

The public conflicts between individualism and collectivism will become more stark, more blatant, and more in-your-face than ever before. Every propaganda tool available will be deployed to demonize individualism and the impulses towards liberty and self-reliance. This is the "socialist mind game" as described by Oleg Atbashian, who was a propaganda artist for the old USSR. (Check out the hilarious adaptations of old Soviet propaganda on his web site.)

Finally, although the timing of the collapse of the economy and society cannot be predicted, its inevitability suggests that the federal government is busy with serious preparations to use and manage the chaos that will ensue.

If the government is prepping for a chaotic crash of the economy and society, what should you be doing?

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