Thursday, December 27, 2012

Episode 115, You Need a Victory Garden

Shrugging Out is about making progress on two parallel tracks: liberty and self-reliance.

Most of my podcasts of late have dealt with the "liberty" track of Shrugging Out.

This time I take a holiday break from the gathering gloom of today's news to visit the "self-reliance" track.

 In this show I talk about the origins of the "Victory Garden" and discuss some basic questions:

  • Did Victory Gardens really make a difference?
  • What are the basic types of Victory Gardens, and what are the advantages and disadvantages of each?
  • How do you start a Victory Garden? How do you "scale up"?
  • What are the challenges of raising a Victory Garden?
  • What makes having a Victory Garden today so important?
Now is a great time to plan your own Victory Garden, and claim a piece of self-reliance for yourself and your family.


  1. That was an inspirational podcast. I'm not waiting for spring. I'm going to get some herbs going in the kitchen window now!

    I have no intention of growing potatoes or wheat. But high-convenience items will be planted,... I am thinking the kind of stuff that goes in a salad: snow peas, lettuce, chives, small tomatoes.... Another tack might be high-cost items, like baby corn...

    I don't garden much. But some things are no trouble at all if one's climate is right. For me, raspberries only need water. No weeding & I don't try to keep them in rows, just a patch.

    So, I'm looking forward to a Victory garden this spring.

    1. Mike, that sounds like a great plan. Thanks for listening and commenting.

  2. Thank you for this episode! I needed to be reminded of the importance of a garden in prepping. I sometimes tend to forget it.

    Raymonde from France

    1. Raymonde, I had neglected this topic for so long, sorry about that. Thanks for listening and posting your comment.