Thursday, November 29, 2012

Episode 112, To Secede or not to Secede

Within days of the Great Election, the White House website was deluged with online secession petitions from people in 30 different states.

What is secession? Is it simply "states rights", which has become a code word (or a dog whistle, if you are Chris Matthews) for racism?

Is secession a legal option? Is it a moral choice?

Those are interesting questions, but perhaps more importantly, is secession a practical possibility under today's circumstances? What would happen if, say, Texas, expressed a sincere intent to secede?

If secession by a state or collection of states is impractical under today's pre-Collapse circumstances, what alternatives are available?

 What about secession as an individual act? More practical perhaps?

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Episode 111, Aftermath of the Great Election

Well, the "Great Election" is over, and guess what? Collectivism as the majority way of life in America was reaffirmed.

This was supposed to be the election where the Individualists stood up and "took the country back" from the Collectivists.

Whether there was any cheating or not, Collectivism in the US enjoys a working majority. It has been winning elections for some time, and it is going to go on winning them for as long as elections are held here under America 1.0 circumstances.

They tell us to, "Suck it bitches, we won." If your reaction to their victory is to lick your wounds and wait for the next election, you deserve whatever happens to you, I'm sorry to say.

Try another approach. Try non-violent non-support of these worthless looters and moochers.

Help bring on America 2.0.

Shrug out.