Thursday, August 2, 2012

Episode 103, Grow Up, the World Isn't Safe

The nation was shocked recently when a heavily-armed gunman wearing body armor and using tear gas opened fire in a crowded movie theater, mowing down dozens of patrons in cold blood.

Well, the nation should stop being shocked by this kind of event. They cannot be stopped. But there are effective counter measures, and I talk about them in this show.

I also read every word of a brilliant essay by Victor Davis Hansen about the deterioration of California, accurately describing the decay of today and forecasting the decay of tomorrow all over America.

And we cover a depressing post entitled, "When They Come For Your Guns, You Will Turn Them Over" and the hopeful and inspirational rebuttal by a Shrugging Out Podcast favorite, The Lizard Farmer.

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  1. Thanks for the podcast. The little-used term for crime-for-fame is "herostratic." Certainly fits the recent events in Colorado.

    1. Did not know that, Ano, thanks. And thanks for listening!

      Regards, Shrugger

  2. Hey Pete,
    Remember what Tom Baugh said about the "From my cold, dead hands!" crowd? The government will be more than happy to pry your cold, dead fingers from your weapon. They will persuade a majority to give up arms peacefully and increase their grip on the populace. Then, when they have majority opinion on their side, they will go after those who haven't willingly disarmed. Public opinion will be shaped by their claims of sinister intentions, if not deeds of these who will not comply. One by one, or group by group, hands will be made cold and dead. How many people still believe that the government did what it had to, and the Branch Davidians got what was coming to them? More than enough!
    My point is not to just give up, but to arm yourself in ways other than a manufactured firearm. Know what you have on hand, and can reasonably expect to be able to acquire, that can be used as a weapon. For instance, what common items can be used to make explosives? I recently bought another cheap straight claw hammer at Harbor Freight specifically for its potential as a weapon hiding in plain sight. I also believe that you should hide firearms and ammunition if you can, as insurance against that day. When the day arrives that the FEDGOV starts demanding disarmament, I will stop carrying a concealed firearm, bury all that I have where I hope to be able to retrieve them after the rounding up period, and switch to carrying common tools with weapon potential. I will probably also make my good little citizen showing with the huge sacrifice of the .380 in my boot holster.
    We can't use your cold, dead hands! We need your live, warm, industrious hands to strike an enemy that is falling asleep, having been lulled into a false sense of security. As Roger "Big X" Bartlett said, "We'll put the goons to sleep. Meanwhile, we dig!" Ignore the cowardly lawyer, and shake the Lizard Farmer awake. Bravado will get you killed and render you worse than useless for our side. You become instead an example for the other side to use to cow the rest into compliance. We have to be smarter than the average bear.

  3. Hi Jeff--great post and thanks for listening. I do indeed remember Tom Baugh's admonishments, and I would like to portray my readiness to surrender my weapons as clever and strategic, but I am more likely to turn them over simply because I would be emotionally overwhelmed by the authorities visiting my house to seize them. So let's assume my reaction would be at least in the direction of "warm, live hands", and then after the event the full program of clever resistance kicks in. Regards, Shrugger.