Monday, July 16, 2012

Episode 102, Motivation to Shrug Out

Why do you listen to this podcast?

Seriously, what is your interest in shrugging out--and I don't just mean the podcast itself, I mean the act of withdrawing your support from the Dependency Culture, and living a life of greater liberty and self-reliance?

Choosing to shrug out, and following the difficult, life-changing course of shrugging out, will present you with multiple tough decisions. It's not a journey for the faint of heart.

If you have chosen to shrug out, what is your motivation?

In this podcast, I talk about three primary emotional motivations for shrugging out: Fear, Anger, and Happiness.

Fear of the coming Collapse and its consequences. Anger at the moochers and looters of the Dependency Culture and their pals in the government. Both are very real, and potentially powerful motivators.

But only one has long-lasting staying power. Only one will, through all the tough decisions you need to make, prove powerful enough to overcome risk, uncertainty, and your inherent desire to return to normalcy.

Hint: Thomas Jefferson knew all about it. Way back in 1776.

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  1. Hi Pete,

    I've been enjoying your pod cast since episode 1.
    It just occurred to me that I can't recall you talking about the book "Possum Living" by Dolly Freed. This book is the "how to" guidebook for the Average Joe shrugger you talk about in your cast.

    Dolly is a nom de plume, and she wrote her book back in the 70's. It describes her living with her father after her parents divorced. They lived as the subtitle says "on almost no money."

    If I am correct about this no appearing on Shrugging Out, I think it would make an excellent show.

    Dolly eventually got her GED, and degree. Eventually she went to work for NASA, so she's no dummy. She started a blog, but she hasn't posted in a long time. Supposedly she lives near Houston.

    Just my $0.02.

    Keep the faith!

  2. Thanks, Ano. I'll check out Dolly's book when I get a chance. Many thanks for listening, and for your comment.