Thursday, July 5, 2012

Episode 101, What Will the Collapse Really Be Like, Part 2

In the last show I talked about Stages 1 and 2 of The Collapse as I see it unfolding.

In this show, I cover Stages 3 and 4, which I am calling "SuperCollapse" and "Mad Max in America" respectively.

Stage 3, assuming we don't bounce back during Stage 2, will be a harsh, hungry and dangerous world, but it will not lack order. I doubt the order will be provided by a powerful, tyrannical central government. But there will be plenty of tyranny supplied by plenty of groups that are powerful enough to gain local and regional control.

Stage 4 is something none of us want to live through, unless you are some kind of crazed fan of Mad Max with a serious death wish. I don't think we will get to Stage 4, but we could, and it will be Hobbes' "state of nature" on steroids.

I also manage to fit in a diatribe on Obamacare and what it means for it to be "Constitutional" in this episode.

Many thanks to those of you who listen to my show--it is rewarding and humbling to learn that the 100 shows I've recorded since March of 2010 have been helpful, comforting, or even entertaining to so many people, and it inspires me to do 100 more!

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  1. Great couple of podcasts Pete! I actually found myself cheering out loud when you quoted (one of my heroes) Lysander Spooner!

    If at anytime along this Crash spectrum power outages become widespread, millions of city-dwellers will see the night sky filled with stars for the first time. I wonder if this will fill any of them with awe?

    In the same vein, if fuel does because rare, the world could become a much quieter place - few cars, planes, etc. Again, I wonder what kind of psychological impact (hopefully for the better) this would have on someone who's only ever lived in the city...

  2. Hey Marcel, thanks for listening and commenting. May talk about Spooner's "No Treason" essay in a future show.

    If the cities go without power for an extended period of time, I think few city dwellers will care much about how many stars they can see...

    If motor fuel does become rare, it will be a huge negative--I think it can only happen with a Supercollapse, and could by itself be enough to bring about a Supercollapse. But there will be such an economic benefit to whomever restores plentiful supplies of motor fuel that it is likely to come back again as long as we avoid MMIA.