Sunday, July 1, 2012

Episode 100, What Will the Collapse Really Be Like? (Part 1)

I couldn't stop talking in this, my 100th show, so I will be releasing it in two parts.

I have somewhat arbitrarily divided "The Collapse" into four stages.

This show covers the first two stages which I am calling, rather unimaginatively, Pre-collapse and Collapse.

I think stages 1 and 2 are definitely going to happen. Stages 3 and 4 are, in my view, conditional, depending on how deep the collapse goes. Stage 3, Supercollapse, is one big step before stage 4, "Mad Max in America", and these will be the subject of the next show, Episode 100, Part 2.

In each stage I cover a variety of topics including what will happen to:
- Employment
- Money and credit
- Food
- Fuel and utilities
- Medical care
- State and local government
- the Federal government
and other items of interest at each stage of the collapse.

Logic and speculation, combined in the usual TSOP fashion.

How well are you prepared?
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  1. Pete, Many congratulations on reaching episode 100 (part 1). Thanks for all of your hard work over the past few years.

    Ian - from the UK.

  2. Ian, many thanks for listening to so many episodes. Your comments have helped inspire me to do my best. Hang in there as I strive to do 100 more. Cheers!

  3. Hi Pete,

    Your work has been a real breath of fresh air.
    I have shared your blog with a number of people who are worried, but don't know why.

    I found a small flaw in your reasoning regarding the use of the US military on American soil during an insurrection.

    I expect a more likely course would be our military would be sent to "relieve" those poor exhausted UN "Peacekeeper" rapists and pirates in Africa and the Balkans. After all we have to do our fair share to help police the world and keep everyone safe.

    Once the US troops are in place they would be "committed to the mission, and unable to come home. The generous and benevolent UN would then "loan" those same peacekeepers to FedGov to "assist local authorities" blah blah blah.

    This action conveniently bypasses the final illusion of the Posse Commitatus Act because the troops won't be US military. I'm thinking something like the original Red Dawn with the bad guys in blue helmets and white APCs. There will almost definitely be some "security contractors" in play as well so the Military Industrial Complex continues to profit.

    The Soviets used to send their troops to the furthest point from whence they came to prevent local loyalty from impending the order to shoot disruptive people. Same thing still going on now that the Federation has emerged.

    This also opens the door for the UN to "step in" and take control when FedGov fails to quell the insurrection for humanitarian reason, of course.

    Keep banging the gong!
    People are starting to listen.

  4. Ano, you could be right about the ol' switcheroo, and UN troops would not have the same reluctance to kill Americans.

    I think the order of events is important here. Troops would not be called in to quell an insurrection, it would be the use of troops that would CAUSE an insurrection. If UN troops were brought to American shores, that would be a declaration of war by the Fed Gov on the American people. And the American people would be compelled, in this extreme, to exercise their right and duty, as described by Thomas Jefferson in the DOI, "to throw off such government". Every FedGov member, agent and contractor who failed to renounce their FedGov status would have a target on their back. A 50-state guerrilla resistance would break out. I wouldn't bet on the UN troops against 100 million armed Americans, unless they are prepared to use nukes. Which of course they might.

    Many thanks for listening!