Monday, March 19, 2012

Episode 93, In the News, Real and Phony

Is the news we hear about every day real, or phony?

A lot of it is phony--the result of the mainstream media trying to control the news cycle, or more often another organization, such as the White House, trying to control the news cycle by using its trusted assistants in the mainstream media.

Controlling the news cycle is about laying down the limits of debate, the guardrails between the allowed spectrum of views. It's also about laying down the smart, hip, modern, and "correct" point of view on the subject at hand.

There are 365 minor news cycles and 52 major news cycles in a year. If you want to shape public opinion, you only need to control a majority of them, especially when a major event such as a presidential election draws near. It's obviously easier to do this when the media are on your side.

In this show we talk about the art and science of propaganda, and we cover a selection of current media topics from the point of view of how they are portrayed by the mainstream media, and perceived by the population. Are they real news, or phony news designed to shape public opinion?

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