Monday, February 20, 2012

Episode 90. Judge Napolitano's Show Is Cancelled--Why?

Fox Business Network announced last week that they were canceling Judge Napolitano’s show, Freedom Watch. That’s not how they put it, of course, but that’s the result.

Judge Napolitano is the libertarian commentator who became popular over the past decade due to his appearances on Fox News. Why did they cancel his show, and what does it mean? Did they cancel it for his views, or his ratings?

In this week's phony news, the news that doesn't matter, we have the latest GOP primaries, the battle between President Obama and the Catholic Church, and the tragic death of pop icon Whitney Houston.

In this week's real news, the news that matters, the Greek budget crisis is coming to a head, the FBI issues a warning about anti-government extremists, and the FAA is directed to make room in the skies for drone aircraft. Pay attention to these items, they're important.

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