Sunday, February 5, 2012

Episode 89, An Analysis of the Spectrum of Threats We Face

We've talked a lot about the coming crash of the Dependency Culture and the economically unsustainable levels of debt it has created. And that is the main reason why we are prepping for unprecedented times of great hardship for the nation and the world.

But economic catastrophe isn't the only kind of disaster that could befall some or all of us. Other forms of disaster, personal or global, are possible too.

In this show, I examine the spectrum of threats that we face, in terms of their probability and their impact, and how they should affect your preparations.

There is a small subset of these threats that pretty much cover the basic preps you should be making. They include job loss, a weather event that takes out electrical power to your home and neighborhood for a week or more, and violent crime. Learn why studying the impact of these threats can help you be prepared for these and many other disasters that could happen to you.

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