Sunday, January 22, 2012

Episode 88, Why The Election Won't Matter Very Much

The quadrennial presidential circus is fully underway, and a lot of people, as usual, are caught up in it.

In this show I talk about why this election is a waste of your time and everyone else’s. And it’s actually worse than a waste of time, because it diverts our attention from the things that truly should have our attention.

Sure, the re-election of President Obama would be worse than electing almost anybody else, including the slate of remaining (or potential) Republican candidates. But only marginally worse.

The election won't matter much because:
- Both parties love big government.
- Both parties support the Patriot Act, and the National Defense Authorization Act.
- Neither party is going to end Social Security, Medicare, or the rest of the welfare state.
- Whoever is elected will have the barest majority, no mandate to slash the size and cost of government.
- The gap between government income and spending is too great, and spending is locked in BY LAW to increase over time.
- The President, even in the modern incarnation as "serially-elected monarch", can only do so much.
- The U.S. is an "ineptocracy".
- The "burning platform" is obvious to a small minority of people.
- We are in a generational phase of "screw your neighbor (before he screws you)."
- The problem is too big for a politically-driven system to solve.

Why would a President Romney, or a President Gingrich, President Santorum, or even President Ron Paul be extremely fortunate to simply halt the acceleration of the runaway train we're all riding? Find out in this episode.

And don't let the irrelevance of the election depress you. Get working on other priorities. Free yourself from the oxcart of dependency. Shrug out!
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  1. I completely disagree with your assertion that Ron Paul being elected would not matter, he has consistently voted against all the things your railing against. He would work to end the fed, allowing the government to print its own money, end foreign wars, end the abuses against liberty we have seen in the past few decades and restore the consitution. How is this irrelevant? I will agree that the others; Romney, Gingrich, Obama, etc are all bought by the banks through corporations and are irrelevant. But Ron Paul, absolutely not.

  2. Anon--Many thanks for listening. I believe Ron Paul is sincere and uniquely trustworthy among politicians with our liberties. Wherever he's on the ballot, I'm pulling the lever for him. I believe you are right that he would try to accomplish everything you say. I simply believe that he would fail.