Friday, December 23, 2011

Episode 86. Liberty Ridge

Liberty Ridge is the story of an average middle-aged couple in America. They had bought into the "American Dream" of working hard, being valuable, saving for the future, and so on.

Like millions of others, they planned ahead, and were looking forward to an active retirement.

But the events of the past decade, especially the modest crash of 2008-9 (and it was modest compared to what's coming), alerted them to the folly of their plans.

They could see that the ride on the "crazy train"--America's doomed experiment with runaway entitlement programs and its ever-growing dependency culture--was coming to a sudden and unhappy end. Whether the crash was far off or around the corner, they decided they would jump off the train as soon as they could, hopefully before the train ran out of track.

Their journey is just one example of what each of us can do if we make liberty and self-reliance the priority in our civic lives.
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