Sunday, November 27, 2011

Episode 84, When In Doubt, Kick the Can

As events unfold in the United States and around the world, if you want to predict what’s going to happen, you could do a lot worse than following the Kick the Can theory espoused by John Xenakis, the founder of Generational Dynamics.

According to Xenakis, whenever a hard decision needs to be made to change the course of events, the least disruptive course will be chosen, either by active selection or by inability to take any action at all.

I tend to agree. As a result, I strongly suggest that you NOT wait for anyone to come to the rescue. You need to take matters into your own hands, for the sake of yourself, your family, and the people you care about.

Don't rely on the next election to change the course of events. Get ready to handle what is coming. Don't depend on anyone else securing your liberty on your behalf.

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