Friday, October 7, 2011

Episode 81. Fellow Shruggers, It Is Almost Time to Declare Victory

From the earliest days of this podcast, I have advocated that the productive members of our American mess should go on strike.

I've argued that “shrugging out” will be the most effective means of ending our immoral and damaging Dependency Culture and bringing about the conditions necessary for Free America. And given what’s happened in the past year, it is obvious that we are getting close to victory. Message: Hang in there, it’s working!

We also look at what is motivating the Occupy Wall Street crowds and what the new protests portend for the future.

And we examine a great thought piece by Victor Davis Hansen that refutes the notion that we are living in one-of-a-kind times. The same human passions and frailties that drive us now drove us the same way centuries ago. We have all been here before.

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