Sunday, August 28, 2011

Episode 78. Free America! The Vision and The Vehicle

Successful change begins with the vision, the goal. A clear statement of the destination.

Of secondary importance is the vehicle, the means of getting there.

In 1962, President Kennedy gave America a mission: To land a man on the moon and return him safely to the earth by the end of the decade.

What Kennedy said, and what he did NOT say were both important. He set the goal, what was to be accomplished. He did NOT specify the means, how we were going to do it.

In this episode, we talk about the vision for Free America, our goals. What we want, and what we do NOT want. This is the Free America envisioned by SOME of the Founders of the Republic.

After clarifying the vision, we talk about several alternative vehicles that could take us from today's America to the Free America we want. And we describe why The Collapse is NOT this vehicle--it is only the crack of the starter's pistol.

We also talk about why Free America is NOT inevitable, and why several alternative Americas wait for us at the end of our journey, unless we make wise choices.


  1. When you were talking about Civil War 2, it made me think of earlier this year when Texas was trying to abolish the TSA, and the Feds said that if they succeeded they would block all flights in and out of the state. Texas backed down, at least for now, but other states (such as Utah) said they would take up the cause at their next legislative session. I could totally imagine that kind of showdown being the spark for a states vs Feds battle royal!

  2. Or it could just provoke the Feds to isolate that state and threaten to withdraw some piece of federal funding. They don't have to do that in public, they just have to let the rhetoric die down and whisper to the governor about the pain they could inflict on him. Might have been what happened to tamp down the Texas/TSA bluster.