Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode 77. FUD and Flash Baboon Soldiers?

With the stock market making triple-digit excursions in both directions, the dreaded forces of FUD stalk the land.

That's Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Fear is understandable, given what's happening all over the world. As for Uncertainty and Doubt, we can reduce them by assuming, pretty safely I think, that eventually the Big Collapse will arrive and make things quite clear, if unfortunately bleak.

But I think the odds are that the Collapse is NOT scheduled to occur in the next few weeks or months. I think it's actually time for calm resolve. Resolve to make progress on your preparations, both the physical preps advocated here, and also your psychological preps for achieving greater liberty and self-reliance in your life.

Tom Baugh, of Starving the Monkeys fame, puts the stock market gyrations into perspective: Eventually, we'll all be poor. It's what we are able to do with our brains and our limbs, to provide for ourselves and to create value for others, that will sustain us after the Collapse. It will be the basis of civilization after the crash sweeps away the monkey world of getting something for nothing.

And speaking of monkeys, what about these "flash mobs" and "blackberry mobs" everyone is talking about? What's really behind them? And how could they become a force used by our would-be monkey-masters to spread more FUD during and after the Collapse? Could "flash baboon soldiers" become a "1-800-Kristallnacht" used to stop a growing liberty and self-reliance movement in its tracks? And how might we counter that?

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