Sunday, August 28, 2011

Episode 78. Free America! The Vision and The Vehicle

Successful change begins with the vision, the goal. A clear statement of the destination.

Of secondary importance is the vehicle, the means of getting there.

In 1962, President Kennedy gave America a mission: To land a man on the moon and return him safely to the earth by the end of the decade.

What Kennedy said, and what he did NOT say were both important. He set the goal, what was to be accomplished. He did NOT specify the means, how we were going to do it.

In this episode, we talk about the vision for Free America, our goals. What we want, and what we do NOT want. This is the Free America envisioned by SOME of the Founders of the Republic.

After clarifying the vision, we talk about several alternative vehicles that could take us from today's America to the Free America we want. And we describe why The Collapse is NOT this vehicle--it is only the crack of the starter's pistol.

We also talk about why Free America is NOT inevitable, and why several alternative Americas wait for us at the end of our journey, unless we make wise choices.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Episode 77. FUD and Flash Baboon Soldiers?

With the stock market making triple-digit excursions in both directions, the dreaded forces of FUD stalk the land.

That's Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Fear is understandable, given what's happening all over the world. As for Uncertainty and Doubt, we can reduce them by assuming, pretty safely I think, that eventually the Big Collapse will arrive and make things quite clear, if unfortunately bleak.

But I think the odds are that the Collapse is NOT scheduled to occur in the next few weeks or months. I think it's actually time for calm resolve. Resolve to make progress on your preparations, both the physical preps advocated here, and also your psychological preps for achieving greater liberty and self-reliance in your life.

Tom Baugh, of Starving the Monkeys fame, puts the stock market gyrations into perspective: Eventually, we'll all be poor. It's what we are able to do with our brains and our limbs, to provide for ourselves and to create value for others, that will sustain us after the Collapse. It will be the basis of civilization after the crash sweeps away the monkey world of getting something for nothing.

And speaking of monkeys, what about these "flash mobs" and "blackberry mobs" everyone is talking about? What's really behind them? And how could they become a force used by our would-be monkey-masters to spread more FUD during and after the Collapse? Could "flash baboon soldiers" become a "1-800-Kristallnacht" used to stop a growing liberty and self-reliance movement in its tracks? And how might we counter that?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Episode 76. Crashonomics

Are we about to fall down down into the mouth of Jabba the Hut's pet Sarlacc?

In this episode, I talk about the real financial crisis facing America. Not the lightweight, scratch-the-surface stuff about the "Debt Crisis", but the politically unstoppable financial and social crash that many of us believe is coming.

I cite several well-regarded sources with differing perspectives on what will happen and why, and in some cases, the all-important when. Though in truth, even knowing when the next impact with the debt ceiling is will not help us much in predicting when the poop will actually make contact with the propeller.

The "smart crowd" is wrong about how they can steer our economy and society into a "controlled glide path" of very slow growth for 5-6 years, with limited pain and suffering, followed by a robust recovery. Our society lacks the political consensus to allow rational steering. And economics, the dim science, lacks the precision needed to thread the needle like that, assuming it's even possible.

We will instead slide into the Sarlaac's maw, after exhausting all available means of postponing the descent and after hoisting the top ranks of society as high above the pit as the government they control can put them.

It would be better, I argue, to fall in now, than to allow a desperate world to squander the wealth of nations in a doomed attempt to delay the inevitable.

We won't spend a thousand years in agony. Only a few, after which we get a fresh crack at creating a Free America, as some of the Founders originally intended.