Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Episode 73. Handling a Winter Power Outage

Ok, it's 100 degrees right now where I live, so naturally it's time to talk about a winter storm that knocks out power for a week.

That's the scenario recently tackled by our local Liberty and Self-Reliance (LASR) group, and we came up with some great thinking and a very useful list of preps for our part of the country.

And though we are 6 months "out of phase" with the weather, it's actually a useful thing to do in the abstract, when you can think through scenarios and disaster preps away from the heat of the moment, so to speak.

Categories we considered were Light, Shelter, Food, Health, Sanitation, Safety, and Security. (One very important category was left off of this list, do you know what it is?)

Go ahead and try this exercise yourself. Assume that the power will be out for about a week at the coldest time of the year. What items should you have on hands to ride out this situation in your home in relative safety and comfort? Then give this show a listen and compare notes.

At least two items that might land on your list turn out not to be all that important for this scenario, at least no more important than usual. Listen for that too.

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