Friday, June 10, 2011

Episode 70, Starting a "Liberty & Self-Reliance" Group

In this episode I talk about starting a LASR--a Liberty and Self-Reliance group--in your town or neighborhood.

What's a LASR group? It's a group of people who live near you who share your concerns about the coming collapse, and share your desire to do something constructive to protect themselves and their families from the worst.

Why should you worry about your neighbors? Because each one of them who fails to prepare will suffer undue hardship, of course, but more selfishly, each unprepared one of them will become a burden to those around them, and could even become a threat. On the positive side, each one of them could be a valuable trading partner should hard times come.

How should you go about organizing a "Liberty and Self-Reliance" group? And why call it that, versus something like, "Survivalists of North Gulch"? How do you get started? How do you recruit members? What should you talk about in your first meeting--and what should you NOT talk about? And what is the big potential downside of starting a LASR?

If you are well into your preparations, I urge you to consider starting your own LASR. If you are able to help other families near you become much better prepared to face hard times, the hard times you end up facing could be lessened significantly.

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