Saturday, May 28, 2011

Episode 68, Will the Crash be Fast or Slow?

Many people think the economic and social collapse coming to America will happen quickly, and without warning. Others think the nation is on a slow decline that will continue unfold for years, until a lasting upturn begins.

In this podcast I talk about these two points of view, and discuss logical and historical support (and lack of it) for each position.

If you haven't considered the likely nature and pace of the upcoming crash, this show will help you think through the alternatives, and how your assumptions should affect how you prepare.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Episode 67, Tom Baugh is Fully Taxated, Part 2

This is the second of a two-part series with Tom Baugh, author of Starving the Monkeys about his recent articles on the US federal tax code.

Listen to Tom talk about:
- How to take advantage of the tax code's bias in favor of big business in your own life.

- How Chuck the ordinary citizen can lease his own home to ChuckInc, his Class C incorporated business.

- How current events are signaling that any tax advantages you wrest from the system are best treated as temporary.

- What recent events, such as the Wisconsin public sector union rollback, the "Arab Spring", and inflation of various commodities are revealing about the approaching collapse.

Be sure to check out Tom's "Fully Taxated" series of articles, and his latest piece, "Why I Don't Fear Islam". Always controversial, often persuasive, it is Tom at his very best.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Episode 66. Tom Baugh is "Fully Taxated", Part 1

In this episode, I talk with Tom Baugh, author of Starving the Monkeys about his recent article on the US federal tax code.

Listen to Tom talk about:
- Why the good old fashioned American "rags to riches" success story is bunk.

- How bonds are the ruling class' "secret sauce" for making huge amounts of money.

- How the tax code is set up to screw certain types of people, and benefit others.

- How you can take advantage of the tax code to cut dramatically the IRS's bite from your paycheck.

Be sure to check out Tom's "Fully Taxated" series of articles.

Part 2 will come out in the next podcast, in which Tom talks about practical aspects of incorporating as a Class C corporation, some unexpected advantages of doing so, and about current events bringing us closer to the edge of the cliff.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Episode 65. Hobbies That Can Make You Money After TSHTF

After talking about current events (the killing of Osama bin Laden), we get right down to it: How are you going to make money, or more generally, produce value you can trade, after the stuff hits the fan?

A lot of people work today at jobs using skills that will have no practical value, possibly for years, once the economy collapses and all that specialization goes into the bit bucket.

But at the same time, a lot of people do things in their spare time that could, with a little bit of planning and some imagination, be real value-makers post-crash.

We explore a pretty long list of valuable hobbies in this episode. News you can use, at least when times get tough.

In talking about each of these value-makers, I skip the obvious stuff, and talk about what you need to know in transforming a once-a-week hobby into a steady craft, and what challenges you are most likely to face.

One challenge in particular stymies a lot of people who wish they could convert their life's passion into currency. Learn how to overcome it in this show.