Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Episode 63. FOOD!!! Storing It & Making It So You Have It When You Need It

I call this the Food 101 show for preppers, because it's all here, at a high level:

- What kinds of food should you store, and why?
- What are the biggest challenges regarding the types of food you need to store?
- How much food should you store?
- Where should you get the food that you will store? What are alternative sources? What source is the cheapest and best quality?
- How and where in your home should you store food? What do you need to do to preserve the food you store?
- What are the limitations of a "pantry rotation" system?
- What does it mean to "eat off the stack", and what is a better, more sustainable strategy?
- What are the limitations of storing food, and why should you grow at least some of the food you need?
- Are you waiting to become a gardener AFTER the SHTF? Why is that a mistake?
- What form of livestock will probably be the most common when "SHTF Gardens" become popular?
- What's happening now that makes it imperative not to wait any longer before you accumulate your food reserves, and other emergency preps?

This is the positive, pro-active side of modern survivalism. It's about becoming more self-reliant, more resilient in the face of what's coming. And we do it in the way you've come to expect from the Shrugging Out podcast--we eat the elephant one bite at a time--logically, systematically, and in an easy-going, listenable style.

If you haven't started to store food and set up a garden, then now's a great time to get busy. If you've already started, fantastic--time to scale things up and get to the next level.

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