Monday, April 25, 2011

Episode 64. Atlas Shrugged, the movie

Back on the "air" again after a brief absence, and I have some explaining to do, I know.

I nearly lost my job a couple of Mondays ago when they blew up my department, but fortunately I managed to land on my feet and actually in a bigger and more important role than what I had before. But I have had a rough time and rougher schedule and I was simply unable to prepare and record a show in the time I had available.

Before talking about the main topic, we go over current events, why I think this is the eye of the storm, and I talk about lessons I think we can all learn from job loss, whether it actually happens or comes uncomfortably close.

I saw Atlas Shrugged, Part 1, the big-screen movie about the famous novel. In this show I describe the film, which is being panned by the critics, of course. Some of the critics hate various movie-making aspects of the film, but others simply hate individualism.

(There IS one fatal flaw that simply should never appear in a professionally made modern movie--listen to the show to find out what it is.)

To cut to the chase, two out of four stars. It could have been better, but it's still worth seeing, and it's great to finally have broken the Atlas Shrugged ice on the silver screen.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Episode 63. FOOD!!! Storing It & Making It So You Have It When You Need It

I call this the Food 101 show for preppers, because it's all here, at a high level:

- What kinds of food should you store, and why?
- What are the biggest challenges regarding the types of food you need to store?
- How much food should you store?
- Where should you get the food that you will store? What are alternative sources? What source is the cheapest and best quality?
- How and where in your home should you store food? What do you need to do to preserve the food you store?
- What are the limitations of a "pantry rotation" system?
- What does it mean to "eat off the stack", and what is a better, more sustainable strategy?
- What are the limitations of storing food, and why should you grow at least some of the food you need?
- Are you waiting to become a gardener AFTER the SHTF? Why is that a mistake?
- What form of livestock will probably be the most common when "SHTF Gardens" become popular?
- What's happening now that makes it imperative not to wait any longer before you accumulate your food reserves, and other emergency preps?

This is the positive, pro-active side of modern survivalism. It's about becoming more self-reliant, more resilient in the face of what's coming. And we do it in the way you've come to expect from the Shrugging Out podcast--we eat the elephant one bite at a time--logically, systematically, and in an easy-going, listenable style.

If you haven't started to store food and set up a garden, then now's a great time to get busy. If you've already started, fantastic--time to scale things up and get to the next level.