Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Episode 62. Bugging Out in an Emergency

Last show, we talked about the "Suburban Prepper", and what you should do if you plan to stay in your suburban home when the SHTF.

In this show, I talk about how you should plan in the event that you have to leave your home base and "bug out".

The topics for this important show include:

- How to decide when you should bug out. What are the conditions sufficient AND necessary to pull the trigger and leave your home base?

- How many routes should you plan to take to your Bug Out Location, assuming you have one, and why?

- Which navigation methods should you use to assure you arrive where you want to go?

- What are the important (and unimportant) characteristics of your Bug Out vehicle, and why? (BTW, that is NOT my BOV pictured!)

- What tools and supplies must you "not leave home without" in your Bug Out vehicle?

- Bug Out Bags--what should be in yours, and why?

- Additional bug out supplies--what else should you consider taking with you, and why?

- What self-defense preparations should you make when bugging out?

- How should you practice "bugging out"? What weather situation should you watch for in order to have a realistic bugging out dry run?

- When should you bug out even when you don't have a Bug Out Location?

It's a lot of ground to cover in one show, but it's important stuff. Listen to this show, and then do your own planning for how you will bug out, how you will decide when to leave, what routes you might take, and what you will bring with you.

And don't stop with thinking and planning. DOING is what matters here. We don't know when the stuff is going to hit the fan, but it is better to be prepared early than to be one single minute too late.

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