Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Episode 60. Shrugging Out, One Year In (1st Anniversary)

Hard for me to believe it, but this is the one-year anniversary since I took to the microphones for the first time to start a new podcast called "Shrugging Out".

The subject of this show was suggested by a listener, who suggested that it would be of general interest to listeners what it was that led me to my current understanding of liberty and current events, as expressed in these shows.

I consider myself to be a regular person, just making his way through life in modern America, and so it took a little convincing that this would be an interesting subject, but he was persuasive, and so here is the result.

Preparing for this show took me back a long ways, and so as not to bore you with a personal story, I tried to relate my own evolution to how yours may have unfolded.

A surprising number of people have written me over the past year to tell me how much they appreciate the show, and how it gives them useful information at times, at other times something provocative to think about. Others have told me that it gives them comfort to know that they are not alone, that other people share their views on the state of the world today, and what we believe is coming. This gives me tremendous satisfaction, as you can imagine.

If you like listening to the show, take a second to write me a quick e-mail, at shruggingout@hotmail.com. I'd like to hear from you, and hear what you are concerned about. Also, if you like the show, please consider forwarding a link to the website to a couple of people you know who might also appreciate it.

Lots of interesting events happening around the world--plenty to talk about in the next show.

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