Saturday, March 5, 2011

Episode 59. "Rollback" by Thomas E. Woods

This podcast is not about advocating books, and there is no kickback from any of the authors whose books I’ve advocated now or in the past.

But occasionally a book comes along that is incredibly informative and timely. Rollback by Tom Woods is such a book.

Dr. Thomas Woods is a senior scholar with the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He’s an American historian who has studied the history of the economy.

I overview Rollback in this podcast, chapter by chapter, reading brief excerpts and commenting. It won't spoil the book for you or cover more than a fraction of the ground it covers, so don't worry about that. But you simply must be aware of the facts laid out about our federal government and, "our wise overlords" as Woods refers to them.

Topics covered in the book:
- Is it already too late to avoid the collapse?
- What is the real story of the Federal Reserve?
- Pentagon spending--at least that is money well spent, right?
- But we need the government to protect us from unsafe workplaces, poisonous food, and dangerous consumer products, right?
- How exactly can we roll back the federal monster before it's too late?

The first chapter of the book is also available as a free PDF. By itself it's a great read. But get the book and bone up for the upcoming battles with the collectivists on alternatives to the ridiculously overgrown government we have now.

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