Sunday, February 20, 2011

Episode 57. New America is Coming

Well, if a small shrink-back of a secondary entitlement to state workers in Wisconsin on the heels of the "November mandate" is going to create so much angst, what will happen when a few brave leaders try to unburden the creaking oxcart of our national dependency culture before it collapses under its own weight?

And what happens if such leaders fail to emerge in the first place?

Either way, what will happen is a violent chaos, of course, the timing and severity of which cannot be predicted.

No one knows which of us, or how many, will survive the collapse. But we have been considering for some time now what kind of America will emerge on the other side. One of the alternatives is a restoration of the original American idea. Here on the Shrugging Out podcast, we call it "New America".

In this show I speculate on how the survivors of the crash can shape the America that the colonists wanted when they wrested control of their sovereignty from England. Individual liberty, self-reliance, free markets, and a government that protected the individual's right to life, liberty, and property. An old idea, but new to us: New America.

What should we do to restore the vital needs of a recovering citizenry, the millions (but not hundreds of millions) who will likely survive the collapse? Food, energy, housing, commerce, education, security, health care, and the rest?

Good questions, I think, and I hope my speculations provide you with a starting point for your own thoughts about what your role will be in the New America.


  1. Good podcast.

    In regard to property claims, maybe we need to look at the past. See this blog post about Omaha Claim Club back in the mid-19th Century.

    Other lessons on nullification of federal law are included...


  2. TripleHash, thanks for the idea, I will check it out. And many thanks for listening.