Monday, February 7, 2011

Episode 55. 2011--So Far So Scary!

It's early February, and 2011 is shaping up to be a humdinger of a year already!

In the news: Egypt’s insurrection, protests and riots across the Middle East, massive winter storms, the attempts to repeal Obamacare, the "looming crisis" of the federal debt ceiling, states headed toward bankruptcy, food and oil prices up, unemployment in the US—has it gone down or up?

Which of these news items is just background noise, and which items are "signal", the important stuff you need to pay attention to?

What is the one key metric that you should watch with respect to jobs in the U.S.? (hint, it is NOT the unemployment rate).

What is the real issue with federal spending, the characteristic that makes the situation so formidable? (It is NOT the annual deficit, or even the cumulative debt.)

Why is the Tea Party going to be sorely disappointed six months or so from now?

With the normal interest rate lever rendered ineffective, what is the Fed doing to try to stimulate economic activity, and what side effect is it having (which will have a disastrous impact eventually)?

What caused this collectivist mess in the first place?

What is likely to happen when the collapse arrives? How will it unfold?

What should you be doing to prepare based on what's happening now?

This is basically a recap show of the trajectory of the U.S. economy and the impending collapse, and what you should be doing about it now to protect yourself and your family. Timely, I think, given the apparent calm we're experiencing now. It could be the eye of the storm.

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