Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Shout Out to "The Survivalist Blog"

I've referenced a number of survival blogs over the past year, but my favorite is the simply but aptly-named The Survivalist Blog by M.D. Creekmore (pictured). I've been linking to it for some time now, and I recommend it highly to listeners of The Shrugging Out Podcast.

M.D.'s blog has been, to me, the most practical and readable blog when it comes to the "shrugging out" philosophy that I have found. He "shrugged out" years ago, to a modest patch of land in the Appalachian Mountains, from which he has been showing thousands of people how to live, and thrive, off the grid.

What I like most about The Survivalist Blog is the sheer, unbeatable, been-there, done-that practicality of his posts, week in, week out. If he's done it, it's relevant. If a random survivalist topic occurs to you while pulling weeds in the raised bed garden he inspired you to plant, or while cleaning the "best SHTF gun" he recommended (no, it is not a specific firearm), you'll probably find it addressed in depth somewhere on his blog. The blog is also well-organized by category, and by popularity of posts.

M.D.'s info on practical survivalism ranges from a comprehensive set of step-by-step get-started posts to a host of in-depth treatments of food storage, gardening, homesteading, medicine, trapping, finding rural property and other topics. It is, in my view, the definitive website for the person who's serious about getting on with life while getting off the grid.

I think my favorite repeat feature is, "What Did You Do To Prep This Week?" which almost always inspires me to take some kind of action, or at least to take stock of what I need to do next.

What I don't like about The Survivalist Blog is how much it reminds me that my thinking about survivalism tends more toward the theoretical end of the spectrum. For example, I enjoy thinking (and talking!) about how the government shouldn't be doing X, whereas M.D. has made whatever X happens to be irrelevant, at least to himself and how he lives. Curse you, M.D. Creekmore, for practicing what you preach. And thank you for reminding all of us that the difficult process of "shrugging out" is imminently possible.
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  1. If you check out The Survivalist Blog you may see that M.D. has solicited reviews of his blog as part of a cross-marketing campaign, with the winner receiving a nice custom knife. M.D.'s offer certainly influenced the timing of my post, but not the content--it's a truly excellent blog for the serious prepper. And if my review should happen to bring that knife over to The Shrugging Out Podcast, I'll come up with a way to re-award it to a listener.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more. MD's blogs on practical survival are indeed very interesting and very PRACTICAL, I think that's what sets his blog apart from the other survival blogs (I've read quite a handful). :)