Wednesday, December 1, 2010

T.L. Davis, author of the Constitutionalist, on the beginning of the end of the Tea Party's dreams

Came across this today, and had to share it--a great post by T.L. Davis on how the Republican leadership, fresh from their Tea Party-stoked triumph a few weeks ago, is already starting to backpedal from positions conveniently taken to win the election.

As T.L. puts it beautifully,
"If there was ever any suggestion that the people could lean back and watch the 112th Congress do our bidding, today completely yanked that comforter out from under the napping cat."

What have we been talking about for the past year, my friends? Participate in elections if you must, but don't count on anything changing.

The Democrats and Republicans are simply two rival gangs of train robbers fighting over who gets to rob the train. The train is barreling along at top speed, we're all on it, and up around the bend the bridge is out.

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  1. Thank you for the link and the kind words. You are correct there are rough times ahead. And, thanks for the ad on the blogroll, I will reciprocate. Nice blog.